Thinking Of Getting a Puppy?

There are a few things you need to consider carefully before you decide to get a puppy:

  • Cost. Have you budgeted to make sure you can afford all the costs associated with getting a puppy?  You’ll need to consider insurance, vet bills, food and ongoing costs (like buying leads, toys and poo bags).

  • Lifestyle. Do you have enough time for a puppy? Especially while they are young, they will need plenty of company and ongoing training during the day. If you work fulltime, you may need to consider day care options. You’ll need to look after your new puppy for as long as they live, so if you’re planning any big lifestyle changes then make sure you’ll be able to accommodate a dog too.

  • Your home. Is your home dog appropriate? Do you have a secure garden for them to run and play in and enough space for them to have separate eating and sleeping areas? What will you need to adapt to make it puppy proof?

  • Vets. Do you know of any vets nearby where you can register your new puppy? You can find a vet online, or ask around. It’s worth visiting the vet before getting a puppy as they can give you advice on how best to get one and help you with research.

  • Research. Always make sure you research any pet thoroughly before getting them. With dogs, make sure you’re thoroughly research the breed as well to make sure they’re the right dog for your family and home.